Coming soon: Problem Workout events

10 February, 2016

Problems that are more complex and diverse, in terms of the skills and people required for successful resolution, will be explored at interactive ‘Problem Workout’ events.

Venue: Design Studios, Skempton Building, Imperial College London

Format: Facilitated breakouts for 2-4 problems (at least one company representative for each problem)

We envisage that some problems submitted to Imperial CrowdSolve will be suitable for exploring at interactive events. Suitable problems for these events will stimulate interest from multiple researchers/groups and will generally have the following characteristics:

  • Complexity, such that no single researcher or group of researchers fully understands or can solve the problem
  • Higher levels of or much diversity, in terms of the skills and people required for a successful resolution

Framework for discussion of problems

  1. The divergence phase ensures that all the problem solvers understand the problems and that nothing important has been overlooked. Problem solvers are encouraged to ask questions so they fully understand the problems. Foundations for later collaboration are being laid and potentially disruptive ideas may even arise at this point.
  2. The second phase involves exploration and emergence: this is the moment where new ideas can arise and where the real collaboration happens. During this phase, each group can self-organize and use their time in their own way, depending on what happened during the divergence phase and the progress being made. The facilitator will probably need to help with this.
  3. To end up with some concrete actions to solve the problems, the last phase helps people to converge. From the new ideas that have emerged, the group decides which ones are the most promising. Next steps are noted for making progress with each promising idea.

Towards the end of the day, each group will present a summary of their experiences and progress. Prizes will be awarded to support development of the most promising new relationships and opportunities.