About Imperial CrowdSolve

Imperial CrowdSolve is a new channel for organisations of all types to gain access to the expertise and capability of the Imperial research community

In response to problems submitted via this website, relevant expertise and interest is crowdsourced from the research community to help solve problems, find partners and develop projects.

The initial phase is a one year pilot in 2016 to test the concept and deliver learning to inform future developments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opportunities
for industrial partners?

Organisations of all types from the private and public sector can benefit from the following opportunities:

To access a diverse community of ~7,000 of the brightest minds on the planet, with expertise in science, engineering, medicine and business

To gain a fresh perspective on critical problems that more traditional approaches have failed to address

To explore the crowdsourcing concept where the crowd is a ‘research community’

To share a range of problems, helping us to understand which types of problem result in meaningful engagement

To meet with talented researchers whose skills and expertise might meet your future recruitment needs

To participate in interactive events hosted at Imperial College, with breakout sessions for tackling individual problems

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opportunities
for researchers?

All Imperial research staff and PhD students can benefit from the following opportunities:

To engage with external partners and generate evidence of the impact of research

To generate industrial funding for new research projects

To grow a network of industrial contacts to underpin future research funding applications

To get involved with problems which would not be accessible through more traditional mechanisms

To earn additional income through consulting fees

To build the foundations for future employment opportunities

To participate in interactive events, with breakout sessions for tackling individual problems

Researchers can subscribe to the email list to receive regular updates on newly published problems.
Frequently Asked Questions

Latest updates

Problem notice board: first problems posted

13 April, 2016

Researchers are invited to view the notice board and comment on problems that they are interested in. Researchers can also subscribe to the email list to receive weekly updates on newly published problems.

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Coming soon: Problem Workout events

10 February, 2016

Problems that are more complex and diverse, in terms of the skills and people required for successful resolution, will be explored at interactive ‘Problem Workout’ events.

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Submit a problem

Please make your submission using the form below. For help on what to include in your submission, see our FAQ. All information submitted at this initial stage must be non-confidential. Information and personal data collected through this website will be used solely for the purpose of the Imperial CrowdSolve pilot. If you have any questions, please telephone us on +44 (0)20 7594 2024 or email us at crowdsolve@imperial.ac.uk.

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Thom Brain

Project Manager, Enterprise Ventures

In September 2015, Thom took up a new role within the Enterprise Division, managing the pilot of a crowdsourcing capability at Imperial. Prior to joining Enterprise, Thom worked as a Project Manager within the Department of Mathematics, supporting several large EPSRC-funded research programmes including ‘Laminar Flow Control – UK’ and the EPSRC CDT in Mathematics of Planet Earth.

T: +44 (0)20 7594 2024 E: t.brain@imperial.ac.uk